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1. Use of the Premises is allowed only after the visitor has carefully read the Rules. The person who has signed the Premises Lease Agreement (transferred the deposit) assumes full responsibility for the actions of the visitors.

2. Visitors arriving with minor children must supervise them.  Parents are fully responsible for the health and safety of their minor children indoors.

3. The premises may be visited only by agreement with the Lessor  number of persons.

4. The visitor is fully responsible for the visitor's health problems, injuries and accidents that occur during the visit to the Premises. The landlord does not compensate the visitor for both property and non-property damage caused to his health and life.
5. The Lessor shall not be liable for the loss and / or damage of the visitors' personal belongings, unless it is due to the Lessor's fault.

6. The visitor must keep the keys away from the Premises. The fee (indemnification) for a broken or lost key from the Premises is 50 Eur.

7. The visitor must use the Premises responsibly and diligently, take all possible measures to avoid his or her own and other  damage to the health of visitors and the Lessor's property;
8. Before going to the sauna and / or whirlpool, the visitor must first consider his state of health and the possible effects on him. Negative consequences of non-compliance with this recommendation will be borne by the visitor. The visitor is fully responsible for the fitness of his / her health condition to use the Sauna and / or Jacuzzi.

9. Do not use the sauna and / or  whirlpool under the influence of psychoactive substances (drugs, drugs, other intoxicants) or alcohol. Do not consume alcoholic beverages and / or food in the spa area.

10. Do not add beer, essential oils or  water taken from  whirlpool  bathrooms  on the stones of the sauna stove (water in the whirlpool with chemicals that disinfect the water).

11. Before and after using the whirlpool, sauna, it is necessary to take a shower.

12. Wear only clean and tidy footwear and swimwear in the SPA area;

13. Bring soft drinks and water to the SPA area only in unbreakable containers;
14. In the SPA area (whirlpool in the sauna) it is prohibited:
14.1. jump in the water, push, run.

14.2.Use brooms, lubricate the body with mud, honey;
15. The premises are equipped with security and fire alarms, therefore smoking is allowed only in the designated room - the smokehouse.

16. If the Jacuzzi water is polluted, a deposit of 100 Eur is taken.

17. For the safety of residents, the staircase of the house is monitored by a video camera.

18. Check in from 1 p.m. check out until 11:00 p.m.
19. The pharmacy and fire extinguisher are in the closet at the entrance to the premises. General emergency number 112.

20. The person paying the rent unconditionally agrees to these rental conditions (house rules)

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